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Guillain-Barré Syndrome from Flu Vaccine

Guillain-Barré Syndrome from Flu Vaccine

Every year people are encouraged to get their annual flu shot. While the majority of people who get the flu shot will not experience an adverse reaction, there are some people who will. What happens when the contents of a vaccine trigger a negative response in the body?

GBS is a neurological disorder which causes a person’s immune system to attack the body. GBS is characterized by the sudden onset of numbness, tingling and weakness, which usually begins in the legs and feet and spreads rapidly upwards to the arms and upper body. In severe cases, GBS can also cause paralysis, respiratory problems and interference blood pressure and heart rate. In some instances, death can also occur. Symptoms may occur within days or weeks of receiving the vaccination. Recovery times vary from weeks to years, with about 30% still having weakness after 3 years, and 3% experiencing relapses years later.

GBS from the influenza vaccine was included on the Vaccine Injury Table on March 21, 2017. In addition to the influenza vaccine, it should be noted that persons may also develop GBS after receiving the following vaccinations:

  • Hepatitis A or Hepatitis B Vaccines
  • Gardasil or HPV Vaccine
  • Tetanus Vaccine
  • Tdap, or DtaP
  • Menactra (MCV4) Vaccine
  • Other common vaccines

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